4 juin 2011


Couleur "Envole-moi petit pois"
Acrylique, feutres et craies

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  2. "Envole-moi petit pois" a traversé l'Atlantique, pour s'installer chez Laurie.
    Merci Laurie pour ton témoignage.

    My husband and I recently visited Paris and by chance walked by the Artus hotel. One of Julie's paintings was hanging in the window. It so caught our attention that we walked by it several times and knew we had to have it. We have since bought the painting. It now hangs over our fireplace, prominently displayed. I find myself sitting for hours looking at it. It brings me endless pleasure. It has this magical quality ---It has transformed the room and has created a different ambience. It has also had a transforming effect on me--changing my mood and transporting me to another place and space...